FOS New Trail Project

We have undertaken a new trail revitalization project. We have started planning and preparation for trail work on the old Blue Heron trail. This trail has been dormant for years now. We have identified a section to work on that would allow access to part of the Sanctuary with old growth trees that has not been accessible for quite a while. We are working with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission on this project. Raisin River Conservation Authority has guided us through the necessary permit process and supported our efforts by providing the permit at no cost to FOS. The project is being coordinated by board member Rick Blanchard. Rick has been working tirelessly getting the groundwork done. This project will be a significant addition to the existing trails. This will also enhance our winter program network by adding more access for walking and snow shoeing, We are excited to make more of the Sanctuary accessible for your enjoyment. Please keep following us on Facebook for project updates.

The Friends of the Sanctuary

Mission Statement

The Friends of the Sanctuary works to support, promote and conserve the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary and encourage an appreciation of nature.


Preserving Nature for Future Generations

At the Friends of the Sanctuary we are committed to preserving natural habitats especially our Sanctuary. In order for this to continue into the future we try through our various programs to instill an appreciation for the natural environment on all who visit us. In our programs we endeavour to focus on the youth in our community as they will carry on spreading this appreciation of the natural world and our little slice of nature at the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary.